Una particcolare intervista

In occasione dell'uscita in Svezia del Mostro Benigni rilascia l'intervista che segue.

BENIGNI - There is a very swedish atmosphere in The Monster, with the melancholy and the joie, l'allegria, comment on dit? What is the name of your program?

GIORNALISTA - "Film Chronicle".

BENIGNI - Ah yes. "Film Chronicle". My favourite program. What is the second question?

GIORNALISTA - What can you say about the film?

BENIGNI - First of all, I would like very much to come to Sweden. It is my favourite country, as I told you before. What is the question, Gunnar?

GIORNALISTA - What is the film about?

BENIGNI - What film? My film? The Monster? Il Mostro? Le Monstre? And in Swedish?


BENIGNI - Monstret! Quel beau titre! Maybe I take it in Italian. Monstret is a film about a monster, needless to say, ca va sans dire. Very happy to make this interview, Gunnar. I forgot the question one more time...

GIORNALISTA - About the film...

BENIGNI - Ay, yes. It's a classic comedy about misunderstanding. Some people think I am a monster. Very easy to think I am a monster.

GIORNALISTA - Can you tell us the story?

BENIGNI - There is a beautiful woman. I fall in love with her. This is a very good idea for a movie, no? And then I jump on her and I make love to her. The all movie. And then, we stop and say: "Hello, how are you?" "Very well, thank you. Ah ah ah! " "Film Chronicle" is a really good program!

GIORNALISTA - Will you continue doing films as an actor?

BENIGNI - Of course! Actor is the most romantic work in the world! La plus belle chose du monde! I wait for the directors to call me! My phone number is 06-56 58 56. I can pay. In cash?


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